Employer Groups:

Employer Groups:

Truscott Benefits specializes in managing employer group benefits. We feel it is important to educate each employee on their employee benefit options and to understand the costs involved paid for by the employer, not just the employee. Employee benefits are a key part of an employee’s compensation and should be looked at as part of their compensation package.  Not knowing the cost behind an employee’s benefits package, short changes an employee’s perceived worth with his/her employer.

As mentioned, our goal is to make everyone one of our clients a better consumer. This means from the receptionist to the CEO, every employee will be educated on the healthcare system, their benefits and how best to use them.

As a broker, we represent most all group benefit providers in CA.  Once we get to know your needs, we can customize and compare benefit programs for your organization.



Professional Employment Organizations

If you are an employer group with 10 or more employees and looking to save money and/or simplify life… you must consider a PEO.

CA is not an employer friendly state to be doing business in. Many business owners soon realize they are spending more time complying with rules and regulations than making money. PEOs are a great way to alleviate the unwanted responsibilities and to focus on growing your business.

The PEO model:

Simply put… all your W2 employees go onto the PEOs payroll/W2. The PEO then legally takes responsibility for those employees while providing a list of services including: payroll, workers comp, human resources, health, life, dental, vision…  You can often pick and choose which services you want to include in your PEO contract.  The PEO uses the purchasing power of the combined thousands of employees it manages to save you money, while including the HR services and legal responsibilities.